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    Waiting for a Lover
    by Sandra Cisneros

    And what if you don’t arrive?
    And what if you do?
    I’m so afraid
    I cross my fingers,
    make a wish,

    You’re new.
    You can’t hurt me yet.
    I light the candles.
    Say my prayers.
    Scent myself with mangoes.

    I like the possibility of anything,
    the little fear I feel
    when you enter a room.
    I haven’t a clue of the who of you.

    And what if you do like me?
    And what if you do?
    I can’t think.
    Dress myself in slinky black,
    my 14-karat hoops and my velvet spikes.
    Smoke two cigars.
    I’m doing loopity loops.

    Listen - cars roar by. All night.
    I’m waiting for the one that stops.
    All my life. Listen -
    Hear that?

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    White Roses, Vincent Van Gogh (1890)

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  8. "if he isn’t calling you then it’s okay to feel
    this destroyed over a boy but remember
    he did you a favor i know you think this is
    the end but it is also the beginning it is also
    cleaning up after yourself you can’t keep
    crawling inside other people sooner or later
    the heap of clothes at the foot of your bed
    is going to stand up on its own and talk back
    you can’t just wash your hair in the sink
    forever when there are people with real
    problems who still remember to recycle
    and when did you become so soft? trying
    so hard to look sexy in photos that you come
    off as confused eating nothing but waffles
    is not a diet even if there are blueberries
    don’t ask just tell about the kinds of shocking
    things you find under your nail beds your
    mother warned you about pain that would be
    there one day and then gone the next she
    warned you about it all"
    — Kristina Haynes, “If He Isn’t Calling You” (via fleurishes)

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